Wrong Carrier No Refund Wrong Model No Refund No Verification No Arguments."In Process IMEI Not Possible To Cancel.Orders Gone Delay Please Cooperate , General inquire , Verification, Delay, Error Reports please Contact us WhatsApp +255-622760807

Tecno/infinix ONLY MDM Remove Permanent Unlock By Imei +Lock Pic (ONLY WORKING DAYS) 90% Success RATE (STABLE AND FAST)

Security Damage/changed PhoneNot Support - No Refund


if you change the imei will be Relock *no refund* 


 Requests are addressed in order and based on company support (Saturday and Sunday are off).

 There is no rejection if the device is disassembled.

 There is no rejection during request processing for any reason.

There is no rejection before the agreed-upon work time of 15 business days.

There is no rejection if the device is disassembled and the customer has damaged files such as the proinfo file or changed the phone's serial number.

 There is no rejection for any device that was disassembled if the customer used other tools to bypass the phone.

 Please submit requests only on this site: https://postimages.org/ Any other link will be rejected.

 Please ensure the serial number on the back of the phone is correct and matches before submitting.


Infinix serial numbers start with the number 3. Any request that does not follow this will be rejected.


DELIVERY TIME : 1-15 working days