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LU-Open menu For All Apple Product (iPhone - iPads - Mac) IOS 12 To 17.X.X Backup & Soft

======LU-OPEN MENU============
???? **Important: Please read carefully before proceeding with the installation of our software on Windows 64-bit.**

1️⃣ Download Elcomo software from the provided link and install it using the provided crack.

2️⃣ Prior to backup, ensure to delete all photos, videos, and apps from your phone to reduce the backup size.

3️⃣ Connect your device to Wi-Fi and disable Game Center. Then, re-enable Game Center, disable Wi-Fi, and activate Airplane mode.

4️⃣ Backup your device using either iTunes or 3uTools. Set the backup password to '1234'.

5️⃣ Open Elcomo software and select your backup in the explore keychain.

6️⃣ Navigate to DSIDs & Tokens, then click 'Export Selected Category' on the right side of the app. Save the exported file to your computer documents.

7️⃣ Open LU-Open menu, go to the menu, and click 'Remove'.

8️⃣ **Auto-read Tokens and Apple ID:** Our software automatically retrieves tokens and Apple ID, eliminating the need for manual entry.

9️⃣ **One-Click Erase Device:** Easily erase your device with a single click, no need for restoration or downloading IPSW files.

???? **One-Click Remove FMI Off:** Remove Find My iPhone with just one click, no proxy or additional tools required.

???? **All Necessary Files Available Here:** [Link to Download All Required Files and Software]

???? File Zip Password: LU-OPENMENU2042

⚠️ **Note:** Ensure a swift process, as tokens expire after 8 minutes. If prompted for a password by Game Center or if storage is not loaded, it might not be supported.

???? **Supported iOS Versions:** iOS 12 to 17.4.1 and higher.